Day: September 28, 2019

How to Choose the Right Dog Flea and Tick Products

As you may know, if your dog has an infestation of fleas and ticks, you can treat that in many ways. However, the best approach is to use the right chemicals, which are, of course, dangerous. For that reason, you need to use safety tips on your pets. One of the most important things that you should do is choose the best flea and tick prevention. Here are the top 3 factors that you need to consider.

Severity of the Infestation

Thousands of products that you can use to treat and protect your dog from flea and tick products exist in the market today. So, you are spoilt for choices. But you must be careful to avoid choosing the wrong product by considering the extent of the problem at hand. These pests can multiply fast, which means if you notice a few of them, things may go out of control in a few weeks. At the same time, some of them can move unbelievably fast. In particular, fleas can jump more than one hundred times its size.

If you learn that a few of them have reached your bedroom, for example, you will need a chemical that will kill these pests everywhere. In some cases, you can choose to shave the affected areas on the body of your dog to make the chemical to penetrate. If you notice a few fleas or ticks, a simple solution such as a flea bath can be adequate. In this regard, before you settle for any particular chemical, carefully assess the degree of the infestation.


Think about the lifestyle of your dog. How does your pet always behave during treatment? If you learn that your dog may not stay still, you may visit Canine Club Getaway to be able to buy a flea collar for your dogs. 

You may not need to buy the collar if your dog is used to an active lifestyle. In this case, you need an option that will not last long on the dog. Some of those alternatives are oral tablets, dips, powders, and sprays. If you like, you can buy a dog shampoo that is designed to meet the specific needs of your pets. While it is true that there is no strict rule that governs this, you should choose the right to make your life much more comfortable.

Type of Product

If you go to the market, you will find topical treatments. It is useful to apply this chemical to the pet to destroy the eggs and insects. While it is easy to use, you may be required to protect your dog from moisture. However, you are still able to make it the ideal choice if you have waterproof treatments.

There are also collars, and you can use them if you want something that can protect your dog for several months. You should go for it if you are able and willing to wear it around the neck of your pet. It will release a chemical that is enough to either repel or kill the pests. The great news is that dog collars are affordable. On the other hand, it gives off a strong smell that can highly be irritating to your dog. Moreover, it may adversely affect you and your children.

Another option is the flea combs. This alternative is best for you if you suspect that there are a few pests already, but it is not an infestation yet. It removes the ones that have been hiding in your dog. For you to reap the most benefit, add a teaspoon of the appropriate chemicals, such as apple cider vinegar or dishwashing.

You can also buy oral treatments. They are incredibly popular since they offer a quick solution. Some of them can kill many types of pets within as short as 30 minutes. The only problem is that you cannot use oral treatments to prevent pests. This means you have to wait until there is an onset of infestation. So, you may go for topical treatments if you want a solution that can prevent fleas and ticks.

The other common option is powdered, which you can use by sprinkling and rubbing it over the body of your pet. Be careful to safeguard the eyes and nose of your dog to prevent poisoning.

Final Thoughts

All dogs are susceptible to many pests, including fleas and ticks, every year. If you ignore them, the condition can grow from bad to worse within days. They can cause anemia and kill your loved one. Moreover, these pests can spread to your house and make your life extremely difficult.

The best news is that you can save your dog and your family from these problems. When you are considering buying one of the best products to treat and prevent the infestation, use these factors, and you will get what will help you best.