Day: September 1, 2019

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Top 7 Safety Tips for Using Flea and Tick Products on Pets

The most effective way to get rid of fleas and ticks on your pets is to use chemicals products. These have to be used with caution, though, as they often contain chemicals that are dangerous to you or your pets. We are going to show you a few of the best ways to protect yourself and your pet friends as you apply these products.

1  Wear Gloves

First of all, you want to keep yourself safe, and whether you are using a spray, a collar, or an application of some sort, you should be wearing protection. Dishwashing gloves or some other plastic gloves will work just fine. Don’t use anything too thin or anything made of fabric to handle the chemicals, though, as contaminants can seep through those kinds of gloves and affect your skin.

The longer the gloves are, the better they will be able to protect you. If you are using a spray to treat your pets, then you want to add an air filter mask to your safety gear to prevent fumes from entering your lungs. Gloves provide essential protection, though, and they are even more important for people who have weak immune systems or who suffer from medical conditions of any kind, as they are the most susceptible to suffering health problems from the treatment methods used.

2  Follow the Directions

The next best thing to do to keep you and your pets safe while administering flea treatments is to follow the included directions. That’s not looking up directions on just any internet site, though, as many people tend to do that instead of reading what’s already on the packaging. If the packaging doesn’t have enough information to answer all of your questions, then you can go to the manufacturer’s official site to find out more about how to use the product, but be sure to look up information on the exact item you purchased. The same company can sell different flea control products that may require different methods of usage.

The reason we stress following directions is because not all flea and tick treatment products are meant to be used the same way. If you use the product in the wrong way, you can hurt its effectiveness and injure your pet or yourself. Even if you buy the same product from the same manufacturer some months apart, you still need to refer to the directions. There is a chance that they might have changed slightly.

3  Use Only One Treatment Method at a Time

We know its is tempting to try to use everything you can to get rid of fleas and ticks when your pets are infested, but you have to be careful about using more than one product at once. Using multiple products may not increase the effectiveness of the treatment, and it can actually hurt your pet. Different treatment methods can interfere with one another and not do what they are supposed to do individually. If you aren’t sure which product will be more effective, you can read reviews or consult with your veterinarian. If one product isn’t working very well for your pet and isn’t getting rid of the fleas and ticks, then it’s safest to talk to your veterinarian before you start your pet on another product.

4  Be Careful with Dosage

Just as you may be tempted to use more than one product at once, you may also be tempted to use more than the recommended dosage of any given flea and tick treatment. Once again, the danger of harming your pet becomes something you need to keep in mind. While larger pets may not be seriously harmed by a little extra dose, the younger and smaller ones definitely could be. Older pets and those with medical conditions can be susceptible to injury from extra-large doses as well. If you have to measure out a dose of medication to use on your pet, be sure to take extra special care with those pets that fit into any of these categories.

It’s not just large doses that you have to be wary of administering to your pets. You also need to ensure that you give your pet enough of the dose for it to be effective. If you give your pet too small of a dose, then you may have to keep giving your pet the same medication for a long period of time for it to have the desired effect.

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5  Look at the Active Ingredients

You want to be cautious about what flea and tick products you buy in the first place. Not all of them will be safe or suitable for your pet. If you know what kinds of chemicals your pet is allergic to or has sensitivities to due to medical conditions your pet may have, then you should avoid buying products that contain those irritants. Check the active ingredients on any flea and tick product you plan to buy and see if there is anything there that you recognize as being unsafe for your pet.

6  Prevent Fleas and Ticks from Returning

Another great way to keep your pet safe from products that may not be great for it is to get rid of pests where you can and prevent them from coming back. Be sure to bathe your pet regularly and vacuum your pet’s living areas thoroughly to get rid of any fleas and flea eggs. This means that the problem will clear up faster and will be less likely to come back, and it also means that your pet won’t need to be exposed to the chemicals in flea and tick medications so long and so often.

7  Choose What’s Right for Your Pet

Not all flea and tick products for dogs are safe to use on every kind of dog. Some are designed for small ones, while others are made for larger dogs. The same holds true of cat products, and you need to be careful that you don’t buy the wrong product for your pet. For more info you can check out wavepest – All About pest control.