Month: October 2019

Protect Your Pond Fish

Your fish pond is the thing that you love the most but predators like raccoon or heron can wreak havoc on your pond. If you don’t take effective measures to protect your pond soon you will have no fish left in the pond which also means no seafood dinner. 

You can’t guard the pond all day at least not early in the morning or night time. This is when these predators attack and take the fish. This is an even bigger problem with shallow ponds as it gives easier access to the predators.

One other problem with a shallow pond is there are not enough places for the fish to hide. On the other hand, small ponds like garden ponds are also a big attraction for predators like herons.

Even though these ponds are small they have a lot of fish in a compact place and that’s what makes it easier for the heron to catch them. This is also the ideal pond for a heron to teach its offspring how to catch a fish.

So, if you don’t want your loved ones to become the food of predator you need to take steps to protect them. When you have spent so much time and money in building a pond and you love it, you should not be reluctant in taking measures to protect it.

Protective Measures

Before you begin planning your defense it’s important to know who you are up against. When you know who your enemy is only then you can implement the best defense policy. You need to know who the predators in your area are so you can protect the pond from each one of them. If you wake up every day and see a few of your fish missing and can’t determine whose work is this you need to set up CCTV cameras.  

There are several options that you can opt for to protect the pond.

  • Pool nets

Nets have proven to be very effective in protecting fish from herons and other predators. You can use fire nets or coarse nets buy they have to be large enough to cover the whole pond. Its benefits are that it is comparatively inexpensive and it can protect the pond from water birds as well. But, it also has some drawbacks like it does not give a pleasant view and also it makes maintaining the pond and feeding fish a bit difficult. Also, you don’t use it if you have fish like to jump out of the water as they might be caught up in the net.

  • Build a fence

This is another simple way to keep predators away from your pond. You don’t need to build a huge fence but it should be big enough to prevent smaller animals to jump over it and get to the pond. You can buy such fences from any of the gardening centre. It’s beneficial in a way that only it keeps ground predators away but also it prevents children from falling into the pond. But, like a net, it’s also not a pretty sight and it makes feeding fish more difficult.

  • Use an Electric Fence

In most cases a regular fence would be enough but if it doesn’t work with predators like raccoon you might need an electric fence. It would prevent animals from climbing over the fence and would keep the tenacious predators away as well. You should not use it when children or your pets are around. It will add to the electricity bill as well.

  • Create Hiding Places

You need to create spots where fish can hide, especially if you have a shallow pond. You can grow floating plants that won’t only look good but also provide a place for fish to hide and save their lives. You can also place a piece of PVC pipe at the bottom of the bond so when a predator comes to attack they can take cover there. As the pipe would be lying on the bottom of the pond it won’t be visible from outside, so it won’t affect the beauty of your pond. You can also build fish caves at the bottom of your bond. Make sure to place them deep enough i.e. 2 to 3 inch deep.

  • Scare the Predators

It is a simple way to keep the predators at bay. You can use decoy animals to scare the predators and keep moving the decoys time after time to make them look more realistic. You can also use your dog to scare the predators that can chase after the predators and make them run away.

You also need to protect the fish from bats especially Greater Bulldog bat who feeds on fishes and insects. To get rid of them you can use water spray for bats , just fill the bottle with white phenol and spray it where bats reside.