About Us

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is the state agency that has been commissioned to both preserve and monitor the natural resources of the state, while at the same time enhance the public’s knowledge and access to these resources. In a state as naturally diverse as Louisiana, the work of LDWF is multifaceted and includes aquatic weed control, sport fish tagging programs, community outreach, hatchery enhancement and the continual monitoring of the environment. LDWF has many departments filled with dedicated personnel who share the same goal: to continue the bountiful harvest from Louisiana’s land and waters, while preserving this same ability and tradition for all generations to come.

LDWF works with the other Gulf States to protect and enhance the fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico. It also participates in Federal fisheries programs in the Gulf and manages important recreational and commercial species. LDWF seeks to ensure that Louisiana’s rich tradition of fishing and seafood continues long into the future.