Louisiana Certified Seafood Program

The popularity of seafood around the globe is undeniable. Everyone loves a great seafood dinner, but do you really know where it came from?  Much of the seafood we see in markets has been imported from parts unknown. Many countries export seafood but do not have the ability or desire to regulate the harvest or farming of their seafood products.

Sustainable, wild-caught seafood from Louisiana is preferred for its quality and wild-caught flavor, but until now, it was hard to know one product from another in the marketplace.

Through the cooperation of the Louisiana seafood industry, LDWF and fishermen, seafood from Louisiana’s waters can be branded “Certified Authentic Louisiana Wild Seafood.”

When you see this seal, you know you’re about to experience the best-tasting wild-caught seafood in the world. Louisiana Seafood has a fresh flavor and quality like no other which makes our seafood a true delicacy.

Here, in Louisiana, the freshwater minerals from two major rivers – the Mississippi and Atchafalaya – combine with the salt water from the Gulf, creating one of the most productive natural habitats in the world.